How We Got Started!

After many years of owning, home boarding and caring for dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens and various small creatures I thought it was about time someone offered well designed quality pet products.  

Dog Cages are great for all dog owners, as they offer many benefits. First, a Dog Cage provides your dog with a place to call their own. Dogs are naturally den creatures so they find these enclosures to be comforting. In addition, they can be used to transport your dog safely from one location to another. Finally, they offer the best way to house train young dogs while allowing the owner to be aware of their location at all times.

Here at Cozy Pet, we offer the convenience of delivering a great selection of pet cages to the comfort of your own home. We carry the most sophisticated and sturdiest line of dog cages that you can purchase at the best prices. Cozy Pet cages are made by the leading manufacturers in the industry so you can be confident that you will only get high quality products for your dogs. Check out our great selection and find the perfect pet cage to meet your needs. We have a huge selection of the best dog cages available at the Lowest Prices around.