• Cozy Pet Deluxe Chicken Coop in Natural Wood Rabbit Hutch Model CC08N - Big Discount - B Grade Product

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    Occasionally all companies that import from China will receive stock from Chinese suppliers that do not meet their usual high standards, we have a small amount of stock of our chicken coop CC08N that fits into this criteria. We can't ship the stock back to China nor can we gain a refund from the supplier so we are offering it to customers with full disclosure that it is our opinion this is B grade stock. It is a brand new unused chicken coop that works perfectly well, it has never been built and as you would expect from a brand new item it comes with all of the parts, instructions, screws and fittings. Our feeling is the wooden panels should be thicker and the stain darker but as we said it is brand new and offered at a large discount to reflect its quality level. It is possible that some of the panels would benefit from a little wood glue or an extra screw or two but wooden items are pretty easy to work on and many customers will be absolutely delighted with a coop of this size for a fantastic price like this and in most cases everything will be perfect. We do not want to accept customer returns on this item because we have extended such a large discount and fully disclosed our opinion of the quality, if you are at all unsure please do not purchase. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them.

    Cozy Pet Chicken Coop - CC08N


    Our new range of Cozy Pet Chicken Coops are made from the highest quality Fir timber with timber roofs designed to keep your poultry dry and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This coop is suitable for 12 small birds or 6 large birds, the product can also be extended with our run extension.

    Main Features


    • Overall Coop Dimensions: Width 151cm X Length 307cm X Height 149cm (These are the overall dimensions including the roof overhang and nesting box.) (Imperial: Width 5' X Length 10' 1" X Height 4' 10")
    • The Dimensions of the floor of the run are: Width 79cm X Length 300cm x Height 107cm (Imperial: Width 2' 7" X Length 9' 10" x Height 3' 6")
    • Fir timber roof's, the roof's of the nesting boxes lift open to give full access.
    • Galvanised removable tray for easy cleaning.
    • Suitable for 6+ Small Birds (Based on RSPCA guidelines, please check measurements against your requirements prior to purchase) And the run can be extended.
    • Secure sliding latches.
    • Closable Coop Door to contain your poultry in the house at night with remote handle.
    • Three roosting perchs inside house. (These can be removed if used as a Rabbit Hutch)
    • Six nesting sections.
    • Secure wire mesh and latches to help keep poultry or rabbits safe from predators.
    • Supplied flatpack with easy to follow instructions.
    • This item is an exclusive registered Cozy Pet design.



     The wire we use on the run is exactly the same as similar products available on EBay & Amazon but whilst it is perfect for poultry, rabbits, etc it is not completely fox proof, if you want a completely fox proof product we recommend you Google the subject and add a heavy duty wire to the coop. It is fair to say after much research that no coops sold on EBay & Amazon are really fox proof despite the claims.


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